Explantion of Tickets and Hotel Notice

It has come to our attention that some people are a bit confused on the tickets for NerdPow! 2011, so I am here to fill you in a little better.
All pre-sale tickets for NerdPow are WEEKEND PASSES.
All Passes get you into the event, free play arcade play, console play, prize tournament entry, and more.

There will be door sales!
$30 Weekend
$20 Day
$10 Sunday

“So why do I have choose a band/music act?”
In order to make things simple and easy for the acts to track their individual ticket sales, we made a separate tickets in which the act that sells the ticket gets credit for the sale. Which gets expenses paid for and eventually money in their pockets! (revenue share)\

“Do any of the tickets do anything different? Or give me access to anything special?”
There has been some talks of special deals from individual artists.
My Parents Favorite Music is giving out an exclusive E-Track.
Others are planning special meet and greets, parties, etc.
Once the information is relayed to us, we will let you know.

Video game tournaments:
All tournaments on Friday are PRIZE tournaments. Which means that all you need is your Pass to NerdPow 2011 and sign up inside the game arena for your shot at the prize. The more people enter, the bigger the prizes.
Saturday tournament are ALL $5 entry money pot tournaments. To enter in the tournaments you will pay an entry fee of $5. Top 3 spots in each tournament will receive a split of the total pot (the host will take $0!) 1st: 70% / 2nd: 20% / 3rd: 10%


Hotel Rooms:

You ONLY have till October 9th to get your rooms at the NerdPow! 2011 rate of $109 /night. That is only a few days away! Get your hotels now. Click here


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