What is NerdPow! ?

This is the Great Lake Regions first and only Video Gaming and Music Expo. Musical acts from all over the country will be out in force as they grace the NerdPow! stage. From the humble beginnings of a sole Nerdcore and video gaming music concert to the full fledged convention it now is. The heads of NerdPow! have always been interested in giving the fans of the genre the most bang for their buck. Bringing in musical acts that normally you would not get to see or see together.

What does NerdPow!  2011 offer?

Not only is NerdPow! going to continue to bring in even bigger musical acts, but this year’s show is going to be all weekend! Filled with:

  • Concerts
  • Video Games
  • Tournaments
  • Challenge Games
  • Dealers
  • Panels
  • Dances and More!
  1. You should invite I Fight Dragons 😀

  2. Are you going to have an artist alley type place? We are doing a parody comic based of the Legend of Zelda series and didn’t know if there would be a place similar to an artist alley at your con……

    • H2yk: With the layout right now we only have 18 spaces in the dealers/artist room.
      THe halls are all going to filled with Arcade Cabs and Booths for bands.

      You can take advantage of the Merchant room if you wish. The booths are going to be $150 and come with 2 badges.

  3. Bring in YTCracker!

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