Past Events

NerdPow 2009 Video Recap

NERD POW! 2009

CINCINNATI, OHIO OCTOBER 22ND, 2009 The Great Lake Regions first and only nerd core and video game music concert is set to happen on November 14th, 2009 at the Holiday Inn 275 North. Musical acts from all over the country will be out in force as they grace the Nerd Pow stage. Acts include: “The Protomen”, the Megaman rock opera from Tennessee. Who’s new CD “Act II – Father of Death” has been a huge hit and the official Ohio release party for the new album has been set for Nerd Pow! Joining them on stage is Chicago’s own “Super 8-Bit Brothers”, who’s performed for television audiences as well as appearances around the U.S. Nerd Pow will also be the official Ohio CD release for their new album “Brawl.” Possibly the most flamboyant act on the Nerd Pow show has to be “MC Router”. The first lady of nerd core is coming up from Texas for the first time and debuting a new song for the Nerd Pow crowd. Hailing from New York is the video game rock band “Arm Cannon” who’s newest CD “Arm Cannon 2 – Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor” includes music from classic NES games to the Ghostbusters theme song. “My Parents Favorite Music” (MPFM) comes at you from Tennesse, totes a new album from San Francisco producer Doctor Popular, as well as MC Frontalot’s producer and Baddd Spellah. Guests on the album include other big time artists MC Chris, Router and Lars. “Dual Core” is Nerd Pow’s hometown artist. The album “Lost Reality” has been getting rave reviews from media all over the country as well as radio airplay from Cincinnati radio stations. Every event needs that wild card and Nerd Pow is no different. “Screaming Mechanical Brain” has toured all over the country with the Super 8 Bit Brothers and MSI. They were once voted “most dangerous rock band in America.” Also sharing the stage is “MC Cool Whip.” From Ohio this will be his first major show and he is out to prove he belongs in the scene.


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