Main Events

Monster Bash (It is Haloween weekend after all!)
It wouldn’t be Halloween weekend without a costume bash, right? But just because we are going to having a Halloween Bash, don’t assume that it’s going to be soft! DJ’s from Kira2 are going to tear up the stage, along with an amazing lighting package. Happy Halloween!

Black Light Boogaloo
A&G Ohio brings its favorite dance to NerdPow 2011! This year bring out ALL your black light reflective clothing, Black Light Paint yourself up and come to Dance inside the Utopia of Blacklights.

NerdPow! Costume Contest
Complete with a walk-off challenge!
This will be NerdPow’s First Ever Costume Contest! Be a part of history as we crown the first ever Costume King/Queen! This will not be a craftsmanship contest! All are encouraged to enter, regardless of age. The fun contest is strictly off looks and resemblance to the character being portrayed. Participants are going to asked to supply a picture of the character they are portraying. Please include the name and series in which the character is from.
     *Sign ups will be restricted to fit time restraints. Pre-Registration Badge Holders will have priority sign ups*
 *Times of sign ups coming soon* 

Concerts: Inside the main events hall there will be plenty of music all day long! Music spanning from video game renditions to nerdcore.
Action Adventure World
Dual Core
The Amazing BrandO
My Parents Favorite Music
MC Cool Whip
Semblance of Order
The Great Luke Ski
Random Encounter

How not to Karate:
This will be an interactive event that will include basics of self defense with a touch of common sense and hilarity.

  1. Do you know what time the festival starts on Saturday? Also, what time does the DDR tournaments start at that day?

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