League of Men: The most sexist panel ever. Guys come and discover your origins and how to make the most of the weekend.

How to Mod: An informative panel on Swap Discs, Case Mods and more hosted by the pros of Nexus Gaming Alliance.

Name that Tune: Mario Paint Composer Edition

Win-Lose or Draw: Based off of the popular tv show from the 90’s. The only catch is that we will be doodling over video game and music topics!
Pick your teams of 4 and enter this fast paced drawing/ doodle contest. One person from each team will be chosen to come up to a board and handed a marker. They will be given a card that has the Word of the item as well as a brief description and the series that said item is from. It is their job to draw the item without writing words to their team mates to guess. Guess right, get points! Guess wrong… Let’s just say it is going to be a fun time!

*Sign ups for this event will be available to Pre-Registration Badge Holders first* 

  1. For the Modder’s Panel. Will they be offering modding services?

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