NerdPOW!Vendor Terms and AgreementPlease read all rules and policies carefully, as many of them have changed. Be sure that you understand and agree to all rules and policies before registering as a dealer for NerdPOW; no exceptions or exemptions will be made.
Dealers Room Booths
The NerdPOW Dealers Room will operate October 28th – 30th, 2011, with setup time available for dealers on Friday October 28th from 9am -2pm. The Dealers Room will be in the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Dealers can load from the 2nd Floor-South end pull up/drop off area. Map will be provided closer to event.
Each booth in the Dealers Room is an 8′ x 8’ area, with two chairs and a 6ft’ table available upon request. Booths or blocks of booths reserved by a Dealer will be marked off with marking tape around the sides and back. Booths will be available along the walls of the Exhibit Hall as well as through the main part of the room. Dealer space will be assigned by the Dealers Room Coordinator and staff. NerdPOW will try our best to accommodate each dealer’s location preferences. However, it may be necessary to relocate dealers within the Dealers Room and NerdPOW reserves the right to do so. Business may only be conducted at the tables assigned by NerdPOW to the Dealer in the Dealers Room. Any business to be conducted outside this area must have prior approval by NerdPOW.
Booth Rates
The booth rate for NerdPOW is $125 per booth and extra booths (max 4 booths) for all reservations and will be sold at the discretion of the Dealers Room Coordinator. Spaces are Not Guaranteed unless paid in full.

Dealer Badges
Dealers will be supplied with two (2) dealer badges for the first booth purchased, and one (1) dealer badge for each booth beyond the first, to a maximum of five (5) badges for any one dealer. Dealer badges will be honored as three-day membership badges during all hours of the convention. Dealer badges must be worn at all times by any person working at a booth. Badges may not be sold, loaned or otherwise transferred to non-employees, sharing one badge among multiple employees simultaneously is prohibited and will result in the confiscation of badges. Every individual working at a dealer’s booth(s) must wear a badge at all times. Access to the Dealers Room outside of Setup Time and Operating Hours is restricted to select members of NerdPOW Staff and individuals wearing dealer badges.
Reservations, Payment and Contact
to reserve table space. Email and the space will be held for 14 days to allow arrival of payment. Fill out the registration form and contract that were included with these rules and mail them, along with full payment, to:

Nexus Gaming Alliance
c/o Jason Taylor
3907 Chickadee Ct.
Westerville, OH. 43081

Payment must be in the form of a Money Order payable to “NERDPOW,” or PayPal to If payment is not received within 14 days of the space being put on hold, the space will be released. A confirmation email will be sent within a week confirming receipt of materials and payment. Reservations are honored first-come-first served and will only be guaranteed if paid in full. NerdPOW reserves the right to refuse tables to dealers. In this event, the dealer will be notified no later than October 1st, 2011 and is entitled to a full refund of registration fee. There is a return check fee of $25 dollars for any/all checks. To contact the Dealers Room Coordinator, please send email to
Dealers Room Hours
Attendees will be allowed access to the Exhibit Hall during all operating hours. NerdPOW requires that an associate from each dealer be present at all times during these hours. These times are subject to change, and any changes to the hours we will notify dealers ahead of time.

Convention Day Setup Time Operating Hours
Friday, October 28th
9am – 2pm (dealers only/set up)
3pm – 7pm (open to public)
Saturday, October 29th
9am – 10am (dealers only)
10am – 7pm (open to public)
Sunday, October 30th
9am – 10am (dealers only)
10am – 3pm (open to public)

Dealers Room Setup
Before unloading any materials or beginning booth setup, dealers MUST check in with the Dealers Room Coordinator (Jennifer Taylor) and present their OH tax registration in order to receive their final booth assignment and dealer badges. Only after a dealer is checked in will they be allowed to unload and set up materials. Due to traffic congestion concerns, dealers will have a strict time limit of ninety (90) minutes where their vehicle or vehicles may occupy a loading space for loading or unloading.

Booth Configuration
Dealers may configure their booth or block of booths as they see fit, adding additional shelves, kiosks, etc., as long as the alterations do not interfere with other dealers areas, hang from the ceiling of the room, or violate hotel requirements. Dealers are welcome and encouraged to bring their own tables and other furniture, but should be considerate of fellow dealers and keep booth configurations within reason and within any restrictions set by the hotel. Electrical hookups can be provided for dealers wishing to set up any displays requiring electricity. It is highly suggested that each dealer bring their own heavy-duty extension cords and power strips, as NerdPOW will not provide such equipment. Phone line access will not be available from the hotel should it be requested. Each dealer is responsible for bringing with them whatever display equipment they require, such as televisions and/or sound systems. The venue does have complimentary WIFI access with room purchase. NerdPOW reserves the right to reconfigure and/or relocate specific assignment of tables as necessary. Audio displays must be kept at a reasonable volume. NerdPOW reserves the right to require volume modifications for any reason.

NerdPOW Dealers Room Policies
Dealers are considered attendees of NerdPOW, and must abide by all convention rules at all times as they are listed in the Convention Handbook. Convention Handbooks will be made available to dealers upon check-in, or upon handbook availability, whichever is later.

Legality Policy
Any dealer caught selling, advertising or otherwise dealing in ANY goods or services deemed illegal under the laws of the United States of America, the State of Ohio, the Franklin County of Ohio, or the City of Columbus, Ohio will be removed from the convention immediately with no monetary compensation. All dealers will accept full responsibility for the collection and payment of any local, state and Federal taxes. All dealers that do not currently possess a tax registration from the OH Dept. of Revenue will be required to complete an OH-100 Enterprise Registration Form.

Documentation Policy
Dealers are responsible for obtaining all documentation (licenses, permits, approvals, etc.) required by law. Failure of a dealer to produce such documentation upon request may result in removal from the convention. Without compensation.

Adult Materials Policy
Many attendees of NerdPOW are minors and/or families. In order to protect minors from potentially
offensive material, the following policies will be observed by all Dealers:
1. All adult materials will be clearly marked as such.
2. All adult media (DVDs, videotapes, CDs, etc.) will be displayed spine-on only.
3. All adult materials will be blocked from public view.
4. All dealers will ask for and verify appropriate ID before attempting to sell any adult material to any attendee. “Adult” in these cases refers to any materials that are sexually explicit, extremely graphically violent, or otherwise unsuitable for children. If such materials are seen out in the open, or if NerdPOW Staff receives complaints, the dealer will be reminded of our adult materials policy ONCE. Any dealer selling inappropriate materials to minors will be removed from the convention with no monetary compensation.

Item Display and Removal Policy
NerdPOW reserves the right to inspect a Dealer’s entire inventory at any time, and to require a Dealer to remove items from public display, or change the method of display, if they are deemed unsuitable to the standards set by NerdPOW. Withholding of inventory during an inspection, refusal to remove items upon request or continuation of sale of such items will result in breach of contract, and may result in removal from the convention (see “Removal of Dealers” below). If this policy changes, Dealers will be notified as expediently as possible and will be expected to remove such items if instructed to do so by NerdPOW or the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Weapons Sales Policy
NerdPOW. Neither condones nor prohibits sales of weapons. However, attendees must comply with the weapons policy listed in the Convention Handbook, which prohibits them from carrying “live steel,” functional guns or other dangerous items. Dealers should take extra care in the design and positioning of their displays to ensure that there is no mishandling of merchandise. The Dealers Room Coordinator may require items be removed from sale if there is an apparent danger to attendees, dealers, convention staff or merchandise. Upon selling any weapon, dealers are required to package it securely and advise the purchaser that opening the package within the convention is prohibited, and the weapon should be taken to the buyer’s vehicle or hotel room immediately upon leaving the Dealers Room. Ohio State Law prohibits the sale of weapons to minors; any dealer in violation of this law will be removed from the convention with no monetary compensation.

Snacks and Drinks Policy
NerdPOW would love to have an ample surplus of snacks and vendors, but as luck has it we are not allowed to sell anything that is not pre-approved by the Greater Columbus Convention Center. If you are interested in Pre-Packaged snacks and Drinks, please submit your inventory items to us for approval before booking your space.

Bootleg/Piracy Policy
NerdPOW. does not allow the sale or advertisement of bootleg, pirated or unlicensed
merchandise. Such items include but are not limited to:
• Chinese DVDs
• SonMay (SM) CDs
• Golden Apple CDs
• Ever Anime A8, Ever Anime GM and Ever Anime Best Song Collections CDs
• Golden Anime CDs
• GGG Anime Soundtrack CDs
• Game Music brand CDs

Any violation will come with a single warning, at which time the dealer will be asked to remove the offending material and/or advertising. Failure to comply or a subsequent violation may result in removal from the convention (see “Removal of Dealers” below). Advertising legitimate products and services is both allowed and encouraged. Don’t sell prohibited merchandise “under the table,” or “take orders” for prohibited merchandise to fill at a later date or outside the Dealers Room. Doing so is a violation of NerdPOW Dealer Policies and will result in your eviction from the convention.

Damage/Theft Policy
NerdPOW. will secure the Dealers Room as much as possible. Convention Staff will monitor the room on a regular basis during all operating hours, and overnight security will be provided by NerdPOW Staff. Please take extra precaution in the placement of merchandise and cash to guard against the possibility of theft. Dealers are solely responsible for their own property, merchandise and money. NerdPOW and its personnel assume no liability for loss or damage including but not limited to merchandise, equipment or revenue.
Greater Columbus Convention Center Damage Policy
Dealers that cause damage to property of the Greater Columbus Convention Center are responsible for said property. No price will be paid up front for the damages, but a credit card will be placed on file and a bill will be accessed after the repairs are made and presented to the dealer.

Dealer Removal Policy
NerdPOW. reserves the right to revoke a dealer’s right to sell merchandise, and remove the dealer from, NerdPOW at any point, up to and including during the convention itself, for any reason including, but not limited to, violation of one or more of the rules or policies set forth in this contract. Such decisions will be made jointly by the Dealers Room Coordinator and the Convention Chair. Upon notification of removal from the convention, the dealer is expected to pack their merchandise into their vehicle(s), surrender their dealer badges and leave the convention area immediately. Monetary compensation in any form (dealer registration fees, compensation of expected revenue, etc.) is not guaranteed in these cases, and shall be at the sole discretion of the Convention Chair. Any monetary compensation will be sent to the dealer within four (4) to eight (8) weeks after NerdPOW.

Suggestions from the Dealers Room Coordinator
• Try to carry things that people can’t find at home.
• Don’t raise your prices because it’s a convention. You may be competing against other dealers.
• Bring a calculator or cash register and change. Small bills go fast, and NerdPOW and the Greater Columbus Convention Center does not provide change.
• Hand out flyers, mail-order catalogs and/or business cards, so satisfied customers can give you repeat business.
• Don’t sell only merchandise that you can’t sell normally, unless you plan to sell them at a significant discount.
• Bring a drop cloth to cover your table at night.
• Friday is generally a “slow” day in the Dealers Room, especially before approximately 5pm. Don’t worry if your sales are not what you “expect” during that time; Saturday is always the busiest day, even though we are trying to change that.
• Have at least two people working your booth. You’ll want to leave your booth at some point, and NerdPOW staff will not be available to “mind” your booth while you are gone. Consider posting a “Help Wanted” sign on your booth if need be; many attendees will be willing to work for you.
• NerdPOW will do our best to help the dealers in any way possible. If you need something please ask and we will try to handle it. Even though we try to help we cannot guarantee that we will be able to.
• Hand out receipts for what you sell. It helps us to protect you against potential shoplifters.
• Carry a range of items: some inexpensive items and some more expensive items.
• Remember that NerdPOW is a family-friendly convention, and adjust your stock accordingly.
• During times that the Dealers Room is not open, take some time to enjoy the convention! Your Dealer badge allows you access to all convention functions.

Refunds and Cancellations
Should a dealer find they cannot attend NerdPOW, or need to reduce the number of booths purchased, they may cancel booths by contacting the Dealers Room Coordinator (at the email or postal address provided above) to make arrangements. Dealers will receive a full refund of booth fees for booths canceled before October 1st, 2011. After that date, no refunds will be given for canceled booths. Please allow four (4) to eight (8) weeks for NerdPOW to process refunds. Dealers who cancel give up any claim or reservation to the canceled booths, which are returned to the pool of available spaces at standard booth rates.


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