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The raves at Nerdpow 2011 are hosted by Kira2Crew. Kira2Crew is a DJ crew based in Columbus, Ohio with DJs from Chicago to Boston. While a recent addition to the EDM scene, they have already made their mark, with events all over the eastern half of the US. Performers to the core, they are more interested in giving you the best show they can than on taking your money. Bringing you the best in electronic music from around the globe, every member of the Kira2Crew wants to make your night something you won’t forget. So join us as we create an experience that will move your body and fill your soul. We are….Kira2.

Special Guests: Roman Seoul, Rocketnerd, and DJ Kent!

Roman Seoul

Roman spent several years in the Army, including two years in Monterey, California, where he was heavily involved in the Bay Area rave scene with fellow DJs Mazin and Linguistek. He organized several dance music events for service members through the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation program, including the first ever rave in Iraq at the Basrah Bazaar. That fall, he also teamed up with Christofer Sears to establish southern Iraq’s only Saturday night dance party.

The owner of Synduced Nightlife, he is a renaissance man. He DJs, produces, promotes, and markets, and now that he has returned to the US, you can expect him to provide you the electronic high that no drug can offer. Saturday night, he will be debuting his first public hardcore set with us. We are extremely excited to have him on board for this event!




Rocketnerd is a DJ and producer out of Columbus, Ohio who focuses on authenticity, simplicity, innovation and never losing sight of the real objective of a DJ: To entertain. Never content to go with the grain and make the most obvious moves, Rocketnerd is a self-avowed crate digger. He’s always wading through track after track in search of hidden gems and forgotten treasures. Spinning a collection of deep-cuts old and new while collecting the best of the mainstream and rinsing them through a filter of bouncy, exciting madness he gives each crowd a new and exciting experience every time.



DJ Kent

DJ Kent is a world-traveler. Born in Japan and now living in the states, he brings the best of both cultures. He is a veteran of several huge events, even playing at the Green Planet rave in Hawaii 2010 with many other big names in the Japanese DJ scene. In addition to DJing, he has produced tracks for BeatmaniaIIDX alongside close friend kors k. Kent will be spinning his own cross-culture fidget and electro house. You can always expect his sets to show you something new and bring you to a place you’ve never been before.




Kira2Crew DJs


Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, ranatalus brings his north-eastern energy and drive to the midwest scene. His diverse musical interests allow him to play whatever fits the occasion. He can drop a set of any style from house to hardcore, trance to gabber, loves to switch styles and build speed, and occasionally sing live over songs.  No matter what he’s playing or where, he’ll find a way to get your feet moving and your soul soaring.


 DJ Naps

Strong out of the gates, Naps has been bringing in the crowds with his monster hardcore sounds. Spinning live for about a year at events for A&G Ohio, Natsucon, Anime World Chicago, and OSU’s Electronic Music Club, this DJ has been welcomed as the next big hardcore contender with his wild mixes. Mixing all sorts of hardcore, from the loved happy hardcore to blood pumping gabber, this is one DJ you can’t afford to miss!!


DJ Chessia Trick

Playing since 2008, Chessia Trick has already rocked the map, playing at everything from local raves in Ohio to anime conventions throughout the midwest, and even appearing  in Toronto for Total Request Rave 5. Combining hardcore, gabber, and other styles from countries around the world with a unique visual style all her own, Chessia Trick promises to hit you with a performance that you won’t soon forget!


Bad Corey

Operating under a new name, this fresh face to the live scene has hit the ground running and hasn’t slowed down yet. Rolling in hard from Chicago, this bad dude will light you up with bright sounds and a blazing pace. He’s a true lover of hardcore, with an upbringing in epic trance, making his sets an exhilarating experience. Some people say the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans because he punched it, and that his pulse hasn’t dropped below 180 bpm since 1994. All we know is, this DJ will make you sweat.


DJ Jeffito

From Chicago, IL, Jeffito has exploded in his first year, going from “Who?” to “Ooh!” He’s worked with international artists, held down residencies, and generally blown the roof off anywhere he goes. A gamer at heart, he always finds a way to work some classic game tunes into his sets, whether its a little bit of Zelda or a remix of a DDR song from years ago. You do NOT want to miss him spin!


  1. these djs are hot !! Specially that Jeffito guy ^_^ I’d do him in a heatbeat

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