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Oxymoronatron’s live show consists of multimedia explosion of digital sound and quality that consists of visual imagery in their videos and a hand full of gadgets and real music playing robots. But Oxymoronatron is not only about what they have on stage. The raw energy of “Robot X5” Presents a distinctive vocal and gadget Presence. “Mc WoodChuck” blasts out the beets on Digital Boom-Go-S (Oxymoronatron invention). AmERICan dream keeps the rhythm going strong. But Collectively there explosive sound and different styles in their performance is what set them apart from the masses. Lets not forget they are here to protect the planet from the mad robots…..

We are also on facebook under Oxymoronatron


The Great Luke Ski
At Dragon*Con 2004, Dr. Demento declared “the great Luke Ski” to be his radio program’s “Most Requested Artist of the 21st Century”. Since then, Luke held onto that title by having songs on “The Dr. Demento Show’s” annual year-end “Funny 25″ countdown of his most requested songs of the year for nine years in a row, including two of them at #1 (”Peter Parker” 2002, “Stealing Like A Hobbit” 2003), and two of them at #2 (”You Don’t Know Jack” 2006, “Too Much Stuff” 2009). His song parodies, originals, stand-up and sketches about pop culture pheonema (doot doo, do-do-do!) have make him a favorite performer at science-fiction and fandom conventions all across the midwest and beyond. He’s released nine albums and a DVD over the past fifteen years, many of which feature collaborations and cameos by his fellow comedy musicians of the Funny Music Project (, most significantly Carrie Dahlby, who often sings lead vocals on Luke’s parodies of female musicians. His past hits amongst his fans include songs about Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Battlestar Galactica, Batman, Firefly, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, and Family Guy, with more recent hits about Disney buying Marvel, Twitter, Anime, Bruce Campbell, and The Big Bang Theory. He is the musical jester of sci-fi, the emissary of rap dementia, the pimp of the geek nation, and a prominent bacon enthusiast. So join the Dementia Revolution, and become a Luke Ski fan today!

Notable Conventions Luke has performed at:
San Diego Comic-Con, Star Wars Celebration, Dragon*Con, NASFIC, Creation’s 40th Anniversary Star Trek Convention, GenCon Indy, Origins, Nerdapalooza and many more. He also is the chair of the comedy music track at MarsCon in the Twin Cities (

Action Adventure World
A collection of the finest in face melting rap metal influenced by video games. An online group from around the US, along with several contributors from other parts of the world. The group started in fall 2009, and is led by Duane “8-Bit Duane” Zuwala, along with Rob Sloan on lead guitar. The group has already made a name for itself with over the top rap remixes of many classic video games, many of which are accompanied by incredible machinima music videos.



The Amazing BrandO

As featured on G4TV and Dorkly, The Amazing BrandO is the UNrock solo project of Brandon Lackey, formerly of The Adventures of Duane and BrandO and Exit Mindbomb. BrandO uses a multimedia show to help the audience relive those pivotal early nerdy moments. The Amazing BrandO writes, records, and produces his own arsonal of music which includes subjects such as video games, comic books, and Saturday morning cartoons.

You can check out all of his new music at


Dual Core
Brought together by the power of the internet (and perhaps a touch of musical providence), Cincinnati-based computer programmer int eighty and Manchester-area graphic designer c64 have been rocking the more studious side of the hip-hop underground since 2007. Their debut release Zero One – featuring Counter-Strike anthem “Hostage Down” and club banger “Give Me Wings” – was summarily embraced by the tech set as a welcome shift in the contemporary hip-hop paradigm.


My Parents Favorite Music
MPFM began as a group formed in 2000 when Steffen alongside friend and co-founder Matt Steller entered their annual high school battle of the bands in late 2000 as a Bloodhound Gang cover band. They later left the physical band and continued to produce music on their home computers over the next few years. The group gained a small bit of local notoriety within their community by releasing an independent album on burned CD-Rs and playing shows within Flint, MI and the surrounding areas. Conflicting schedules and time constraints led to the separation of the group in 2004 shortly after their second album was released. With the advancement of social networking sites like MySpace and community based podcasts, Steffo used the opportunity to resurface and resurrect the group name as his own stage name. In 2007 he re-released the group’s first two CD-R only albums with new artwork and updated sound quality as a way to get funding for his upcoming first solo album ‘Testing the Waters’. My Parents Favorite Music has performed shows with Nerdcore hip hop acts Beefy, MC Router, and YTCracker as well as appeared in the 2008 Nerdcore hip hop documentary Nerdcore For Life directed by Dan Lamoureux.


MC Cool Whip
MC COOL WHIP is a Nerdcore Hip-Hop Artist out of Strongsville, Ohio. His subject material would include songs about Helen Keller in space, the zombie apocalypse, dinosaurs, and bad game show experiences. With great stage banter and songs, he has been able to open for noticeable acts such as Vanilla Ice, Shwayze and MC Frontalot. MC COOL WHIP provides laughs and bobbing heads whenever he is up on stage rapping. MC COOL WHIP’s new album entitled “COOL WHIP Recipes” is now available on Itunes!



Semblance of Order
One-man music project formed by the group’s only member, SCXCR.  SC first began the group as a way to both exercise his composition skills and help clog up MySpace’s bandwidth.  Since then he’s picked up an extra instrument or two and begun to make full songs.  After playing in two music groups and auditioning for several others with little luck, he decided to use his guitars and numerous rock influences to experiment with another of his favorite genres: video game music.


Game Related
Game Related is a band from Louisville Kentucky that primarily fuses classic video game sounds and music with modern day (as well as old school) hip-hop style. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical and Reggae also lend to the creative stylings of “Game Related”. The group consists of two primary members; Jason Carter (vocals) and Brandon Jackson (vocals & music)


Joey Zadjino
Joey Zadjino AKA Lord Zadjino is the hip-hop act of a strange, nerdy,
misanthropic 19 year old with an internet connection. Never taking
himself too seriously, Zadjino’s songs range from long-distance
relationships to his attempts to take over the world, and somewhere
between there is a song about being the only male Nurse Joy in the
world. Always making sure to stay ridiculous, lacing his lyrics with
humor, irony and a bit of anger, Zadjino hasn’t been on the scene for
long, but has been rising quickly with his bombastic stage presence and
furious raps. His new album “Internet Superheroes”, a joint effort with
producer MashupMaloney, drops to an internet near you on October 1st.



In early 2010 2 people, Tyler Yount and Zach Cobble, dabbled in doing a video game rap song. The defining moment was a live cover of an “Action Adventure World” song at Tyler’s college. Applauded while on stage he decided to begin creating original music. Zach shortly joined permanently and so “Blaze’s Dreamland” was born. The first EP, recorded with a guitar hero microphone, is soon to be released. With the advice of Steffen of MPFM “Blaze’s Dreamland” became “Dr3amLand” and they gained a logo, and also a sound guy by the name of Daniel Cupp. Dr3amLand is Tyler “Shaddix Blaze” Yount, Zach “MC ZaKK” Cobble, and Daniel “The Elite Ninja”.

  1. Awesome line up with Dual Core, Cool Whip, MPFM! Lots of Nerdy Hip Hop! Should get Dr. Awkward, I saw him at Minneapolis. He was incredible!

  2. this sounds great,, def gonna be there!

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