NerdPow! 2011 will take place at the Columbus Convention Center
The festivities will all be on the 1st floor of the convention center closest to the Food Court.

NerdPow! 2011 Official Hotel:
Hyatt Regency Columbus

350 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Rooms are only $109 a night

Parking at the event is $8/day with In/Out priveledges

*Parking is for the Chestnut Garage (Hyatt’s self parking garage)
You can purchase parking the SAME time as your hotel!! This is the ONLY place you will get Unlimited IN and OUT privileges!!
These passes are purchased inside the HYATT regency. The parking at convention center will be available, but does not allow IN/OUT privilege.


NerdPow! 2011 will take place entirely on the FIRST floor of the Convention Center. Closest entrances are from the Hyatt Lobby and the South end doors of the Convention Center.
For those familiar with the Convention Center, this is the space located behind the food court.  Day passes will be available at the end of the North Hallway-closest to the NerdPow! 2011 site.




Garage Located on map labeled “D”


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