Hotel Rooms

Just a heads to everyone attending NerdPow! 2011.

The amazing rate of $108/night cuts off in ONLY 24 Days!  If you have been waiting to reserve your room, do you not wait too long.

Reservations can be made by web:  or by Phone: 614.280-3025

There are also a few dealers spots available for the show, but they are going fast!

Schedule for Nerdpow will be available by Oct. 1st, 2011.


Arcade Machines? Where?! NerdPow! 2011

We kept saying that gamers would Love NerdPow! Here is why! We are carting in from Virginia RARE arcade machines. Machines include: Beatmania IIDX resorrt anthem
Pop’n Music Tune Street (x2)
DDR (x3)
Guitar Freaks/Drummania V8
Pump it Up: Fiesta EX
Pump it up: NX
Taiko No Tatsujin 13
Beatmania III: The Final

If that is not enough to peak your interest. We are also teaming up with Arcade Legacy and Nexus Gaming Alliance to bring in more machines and consoles!! Including: Gunblade NY, Turtles in Time, Sunset Riders, Killer Instinct, Neo Geo 4 Slot, Alpine Racer, Pump it Up NX and many more.

Did I mention that ALL of the arcade cabinets at NerdPow! will be on FREE PLAY? Whats a $20 pre-reg badge worth to you? Most arcades charge $1 plus per play for for machines like these! You play 20 times and you just paid for your badge and helped to support the scene!

Pre Registration is open now! Get $10 off the door price by visiting the Tickets page.

Action Adventure World enters Video Gaming! *Literally*

Action Adventure World: The Game is a PC video game serie featuring Duane Zuwala as the main character (from 8bitduane Action Adventure World, and previously, from The Adventures of Duane and BrandO).

Play Duane in a 2D retro platformer game for only $2 AVAILABLE MONDAY August 1st, 2011!!
Check it out and support the scene:

Arcade Legacy will be at Nerdpow 2011! Bringing out a lot of arcade machines alongside of Nexus Gaming Alliance!!
Prepare yourself for DDR, Pump it up, NBA Jam, Alpine Racer, and many more!


This week we are working on new content for the site as well as some new announcements upcoming for the show!
In the meantime everyone should check out one of the performing bands music videos from our parent show (A&G Ohio)!

New Band Announced

We have added the return of NerdPow 2009 favorite… Oxymoronatron!!
Time to sing more songs about bacon with robots playing on stage!!