Arcade Gaming

Arcade Gaming @ NerdPow! 2011

All machines will be on Free Play.
We ask that you be courteous,only play 1 credit and then hop back in line. (If no one is waiting by all means play away!)

Machines Available:

  • Technika2 *Just Announced*
  • Pop’n Music Tune Street (x2)
  • DDR X2
  • DDR Extreme
  • DDR 4th Mix
  • Guitar Freaks/Drummania V8
  • Pump it Up: Fiesta EX
  • Pump it up: NX
  • Taiko No Tatsujin 13
  • Beatmania III: The Final
  • IIDX: Resort Anthem
  • Gunblade NY
  • Alpine Racer 2
  • Neo Geo 4 Slot
  • Shinobi

More to come…

  1. Going to be amazing. I would pay more than the cost of a badge at an arcade, just to play these machines!!

  2. Oh yes. 😀 Can’t wait to try out the X2, IIDX and pop’n music machiens. 🙂

  3. Technika 2 is the sole reason I would go.
    Where did you find a machine to rent out for this?

  4. I didn’t even realize they had PIU Fiesta EX coming as well. SO EXCITED. Heading over to Columbus today.

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